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The Power of Angel Numbers

It seems almost everyone can relate an experience where they  swear that “someone must have been looking out for me” after a near miss, or a catastrophe had been averted. I’m here to say, with certainty, that this feeling can be attributed to our guardian angels. Hello, Ken Baxter, AKA Rocketman here, coming to you from chilly Las Vegas, Nevada, and thanks for stopping by.

In 2023, I experienced one of the greatest thrills of my life.  After nearly 20 years in the making, my lifelong dream of space travel finally came true and I became a member of a highly exclusive collection of  individuals … I am Astronaut #666. Most people don’t realize the number 666 has many meanings including spirituality, health, money, love and more.  The number 6, in a sequential string, is one of several combinations of numbers  that are easy to remember and tend to grab your attention when you see them.  

What are angel numbers?

Stories of angels in our lives have been a constant for centuries with references to winged protectors  such as archangels, guardian angels, fallen angels, etc. in religious texts, works of great masters of art, and even drawings on cave walls. I have always felt that I have been guided and protected during important times of my life and I would not have it any other way. 

It is said that in addition to guiding and helping us overcome the challenges of life, angels can, in their own way communicate with us through specific numbers know as “Angel Numbers”. It’s a common experience that many humans share. During the routine of life there are times when it seems like you are seeing a recurring number everywhere; 1111, 666, 444, or a number that is very personal to you, such as a relative’s birthday or date of death, it is possible that the universe may be trying to communicate a message to you.

The number 6 in numerology has always been associated with peace, positivity and self acceptance. As the number repeats, these characteristics are amplified. The number is also known as a symbol of harmony, balance and stability.  I vividly recall on the day of my space flight, September 8, 2023, as we waited, strapped in our seats in spaceship Unity for the rocket engines to fire, I felt an inner peace and protection, confident that my guardian angel would protect me. I was right.

So, the moral of the story as I see it, is pay attention to what you are doing or thinking when you see a recurring number; there may be a message for you from your guardian angel that you need to take notice of. Also, please take a look at the short video below for some great points on the deeper spiritual meaning of the number 666. 

Thank you again for taking the time to visit  my blog and I hope to see you again.

Ken Baxter