In 2004 Ken Baxter purchased the first ticket for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

He will be the first everyday American to visit outer space. Contact me at



  • A successful businessman who used his ability to forecast and capitalize on emerging trends to make his fortune in the volatile Las Vegas Real Estate market. Ken knew immediately after seeing the prospect of space tourism while watching a 60 Minutes report in 2004 he was going to space!

"One of my fondest memories of childhood is my obsession with Estes Apollo Mission model rockets - I can't even count how many army men I sent into orbit. How I wished at the time that it could be me riding the rocket to get that spectacular view from space. The obsession with those rockets faded when I got older and discovered girls but the desire to go to space has stayed with me through my life. When the opportunity presented itself during an episode of 60 minutes that night in October 2004, the next morning I asked my assistant, Robin, to contact Sir Richard Branson at Virgin Atlantic. I was blown away when he called me back on his cell phone! It was then I told him I was all in, taking a leap of faith and purchasing the VERY FIRST ticket on the fledgling Virgin Galactic!"

Ken Baxter - Rocketman
Mission Updates

Looks Like a Kick Ass Ride!

SECOND SUCCESSFUL TEST FLIGHT OF SpaceShipTwo Hello again, it’s Rocketman, Ken Baxter from sunny, Las Vegas, NV and welcome to my blog. Continuing with a set

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Mission Updates

Historic Milestone

SpaceShipTwo COMPLETES FIRST TEST FLIGHT FROM Spaceport America Hello again, it’s Rocketman, Ken Baxter coming to you from our lockdown bunker in a very quiet

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Mission Updates

Sharp Dressed Man

FUN IN THE SIMULATOR Mission Training Hello again it’s Rocketman, Ken Baxter, reporting  from the city of Baltimore, where my I joined my fellow astronauts

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Baxter’s fascination with the space program began as a young boy after first reading “From Earth to the Moon” by Jules Verne.

Baxter dreamed that one day his turn would come.

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